Friday, March 8, 2013

Consider yourself {dystopian} challenged!

I hate to even call this a challenge because I love reading dystopian so much that this should be easy. A challenge that I can actually complete! For all the details and to sign up visit Blog of Erised or click the banner above.

I plan to complete the Leader level (19+ books). What challenges are you participating in? What should I join? Do share!


  1. I am also participating in this challenge :D So much fun! Instead of good luck, happy reading then ;)

  2. Thanks, Mel. I so enjoy dystopian that I do think it is just happy reading! Happy reading for this challenge to you as well. ;-)

  3. Thanks for joining us! Have a great time!

  4. Thanks for hosting! So much fun! Dystopian is one of my favorite genres so I'm excited about this challenge.